No matter which program you need to set - for the computer, they are all the same.So feel free to use the disk with the correct program or run the pre-downloaded file from the Internet.
For most programs, there is a function "Auto."That is all you need to do is insert the disk into the drive and wait until the screen appears a beautiful window with instructions of what to do next.
avtozapustilas If it is not (or should not) manually.
Find the list of files, programs (and there are usually few and the path to it is the "Start" - "Programs" -...) file with the extension .exe.And click on it.If such files will suddenly several nothing bad will happen, if at first you choose the wrong one.
In the resulting window will be offered a choice of action.As a r
ule, it is necessary to agree with everything, press the first "Agree" (if it's not in Russian, the «Accept» or «Yes»), and then "Next» («Next») and at the end - "Finish" ("OK").
Usually at the end of the installation requires a system reboot.Her you can do right away to get started with the program, or wait for later.But just after the restart can be completely run program in Windows