you need
  • disk image Xubuntu 14.04.
  • installed VMware Player.
  • 25-30 GB of free disk space to store the virtual machine.
Before you begin you must already be downloaded image file Xubuntu (or ubuntu) format iso.It can be obtained on the official website, clicking on the button Download.The procedure is trivial, so is beyond the scope of this article, we will assume that the image you already have.Start VMware Player, such as clicking on its icon on the desktop or "Start" menu.
Running VMWare Player.
The first time you select Use VMware Player 7 for free for non-commercical use.Enter below the e-mail, and then click Continue.
In the window that opens, click on th
e button Create a New Virtual Machine.
Crate a New Virtual Machine.
In the window that opens, select the item Installer disk image file (iso) and click on the button below Brows this field.We find with the help of the dialog box select the image file iso Xubuntu on your hard disk and click Open.
Installer disk image file (iso).
Make sure that the file path iso is correct, and click Next in the wizard to create a new virtual machine.
New Virtual Machine Wizard.
next step is to specify the user account that will be created in the Xubuntu operating system during installation.Fullname - full name, for example, Ivan Ivanovich.User name - login, only Latin characters, no spaces.Password and Confirm - password and confirm it.Once you have entered the information into all the fields, then click Next.
Create a user in Xubuntu VNWare.
In this step, you must specify the virtual machine name and location of the data files of the virtual machine.Make sure that the drive to the specified folder is enough space.By default, you need 25-30 GB of free disk space.To continue, click Next.
next step is to choose the parameters of the virtual disk.For informational purposes only enough volume of 20 GB offered by default.For best performance, we recommend to install the switch Store virtual disk as single file.Then click Next.
The parameters of the virtual disk.
procedure preset virtual machine finished.Click Finish, to start the installation.
Installing the operating system Xubuntu in VMware Player will start automatically.At this time, you will be prompted to download and install Guest Additions VMware Tools for Linux.You must agree and click Download and Install.
VMware Tools for Linux.
To download and install VMware Tools for Linux can run in parallel with the installation of the guest operating system Xubuntu.Wait for the installation.
After installation, you will see the login screen in OS Xubuntu.Enter the password of the user you created in step 6. Congratulations - the installation procedure is completed.
Log in Xubuntu.