you need
  • - IconPaskager program;
  • - set of icons.
To change icons of folders and files, download the program IconPaskager (or any other program to replace the icons).Run the downloaded file, select the location to save the program.Select the check box of the agreement with the rules of use of the program and select items Next to finish the installation.Start the application.
If you already have a set of tabs, add them to the program by using the Add Icon Package.In the event that a suitable set you can not find, select the icons in the main menu.When you select a set of results can be seen in a special window.Right-click on one of them and appreciate the result.If none of the sets of icons you have not approached, you click Get More Themes.The window opens
a site with lots of different design, select the desired set, and click Download.There will be downloading files icon in the program folder.To add icons to the common gallery, click Add Icon Package.
After selecting the desired set, select it and click Apply Icon Paskage.After a few seconds to change the design of icons.The program also integrates into the context menu of files and folders that make it easy to change the icon for the individual elements.Click on the desired document and select "Properties".In the window that opens, navigate to the tab Icon and click on Change icon.Will launch the application and then select the icon for a particular folder.To save changes, click "Apply".
If necessary, return the default icons Windows, open the main menu and select Icons By Microsoft.Click Apply Icon Paskage and icons will previous form.