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  • Changing system settings of the operating system.
During the installation of the operating system on a computer is an automatic selection of the required amount of virtual memory (swap file ), but its size can always be changed.To do this, click "Start" menu, in the list that appears, select "Control Panel."In the window that opens, scroll to the "System".
You will see a window "System Properties", go to the "Advanced" tab.In the block "Performance" you must click "Options", and in the window that opens, go to the tab "Advanced".Go to the block "Virtual Memory" and then click "Change".
You will see a window "Virtual Memory", deselect "Automati
cally manage paging file size ».Select the drive that will play the role of guardian of the swap file and check "Specify the size."The empty fields specify the size of the virtual memory minimum and maximum value.
now is to press the button "Set" and "OK" to have been made in setting the values ​​you specify.You will see a window with the message "To change to take effect, you need to restart your computer", there must be three times the push button «OK», and then click "Restart Now."
also have the opportunity not only to increase or decrease the swap file , but also to optimize it.If in your case, there are two hard drives, it is desirable to set the paging file on the system drive, that is,in the section where the operating system is installed.