If you are using a version of Windows 7, then the shortest path to the settings of the mouse pointer is through the search query box on the main menu system.Press Win, to open the menu, and the window with the text "Search programs and files" enter the word "mouse".The system displays a list of nearly two dozen lines, among which will link to "Changing the mouse pointer" - click on it.
In other versions of Windows, open the main menu by pressing the Win or by clicking the "Start" link to locate the launch of the Control Panel.Open the panel, go to the section called "Appearance and Themes" and click the link "mouse pointer" in t
he left frame.As a result of the actions described in this and the previous steps, open the tab "Pointers" Mouse Properties window.
Change whole whole set of mouse pointers, which is the operating system used in different situations, by choosing one of the options in the drop down list "Scheme".Then click the OK button and the procedure is completed.
In the list of "Settings" required line if you want to change only one or more of the indicators used by the current scheme design GUI Windows.Then click "Browse", select the file containing the desired pointer, and click "Open."If necessary, repeat this procedure for the mouse pointer in other rows of the list, and then click OK.
If you have your own set of mouse pointers are not included in the list of the default schemes, start by copying the files in the folder.Windows stores cursors in catalog Cursors, which is placed in the Windows folder of the system drive - create it additional folder for the new cursor and copy the files added.Then proceed as described in the previous step.