To change the folder icon, open its folder location.You can use the standard Windows Explorer, or search engine.To use a standard search engine Windows, open the "Start" menu.The search string "Search programs and files" enter a query with the name of the desired folder.
in the search results list, scroll to the name of the desired folder and click the right mouse button once.This opens a context menu key actions over the folder.
menu that appears, select the line "folder location", click on the left mouse button once.A window with the directory location of the selected folder.
Select the folder single click of the left mouse button.Then, click on it once with the right mouse button.Will open the main menu of t
he folder actions.
the dropdown menu, select the line "Properties".The dialog box "Properties folder."It displays the properties of the selected folder and its basic settings of various parameters such as security, shared, map, available versions, etc.
In the folder properties activate the tab "Settings".It presents the basic settings display of the folder and its contents.
On the selected tab in the block "folder icons", click once with the left mouse button on the button "Change Icon ...".Dialog box "Change Icon for the folder ...", which shows the icons (icons), the standard used by the operating system Windows 7.
Select the desired icon by clicking its icon once with the left mouse button,and click "OK" or «Enter» key on the keyboard.The folder icon will change to a user-selected without the need to reboot.