you need
  • operating system Windows XP.
maximum that you can do - is to hide the taskbar itself, which is a button, or remove certain elements from the current menu.To do this you need to open the applet "Menu Settings« Start ».Right-click on the menu and select "Properties".
In the window that opens, navigate to the "task bar" and the block "Making the taskbar" put a mark on the item "Auto-hide the taskbar".Then successively press the "Apply" and OK.The current window closes automatically, and with it, and the menu bar.To call it enough to move the focus of the cursor to the bottom of the screen.
If this is not enough, it is recommended to change the display setting items in the menu.To do this, go back to the properties me
nu on the "Menu« Start »choose the style (" Classic "or" Standard "), and then click" Customize ".
standard menu « Start ».The first "General" tab is used to configure basic settings that are used most often: the icon size and number of programs displayed.
to clean the unit recently run applications, you must click on the "Clear" and change the count to zero, using the bottom button with a picture of a triangle.To hide the program with which you access the Internet and checking e-mail, you must uncheck the relevant items.
Click the "Advanced" tab.Here you can do everything inactive items.But keep in mind that for some lines rather simple click on the checkbox (square with a check mark), for other needs you choose "Do not display this element."Click the OK button consecutively, "Apply" and OK to close the open windows.
classic menu « Start ».For this style menu, everything is much easier.To remove some blocks, you need to when you click "Configure", select "Delete", noting the items you want and click on the button "Delete".In the dialog box, respond positively choosing "Yes" button.Close the settings window by double-clicking the OK button.