Go to the home page.It must be addressed: www.nazvanie site or in Latin russkom.prefiks (ru, com, uk, ua, Russian or other).Scroll up.
Find the link "Registration".Sometimes, instead of her face other words: "Sign up», "Create an account", "Sign up", «Create Account", "Create an entry », «To have an entry », etc.Click.
On the new page, enter your data: What nickname would you like to be provided (check the uniqueness in this resource), with any email address to associate an alias (in case you lose your password, notification of changes in the resource wordfor communication with the administration and the users of the resource), under
what will be entering a password (make a password of letters in different registers and Arabic numerals).On some sites, the password is automatically generated by the system site, to avoid too simple passwords.Once the account is activated, you will be able to replace him at any convenient.
Some sites indicate gender, age, type of activity, place of residence, phone number, ICQ, and other data on a voluntary or mandatory basis.
On most sites is protected from automatic registration of bots - you need to solve the test (enter numbers and letters from the picture).Enter correctly, in accordance with the requirements of the site (blanks, registers)
Click "Continue" ("Next», "Continue", «Register" or similar words).Seeing the message about the successful registration, log in to the address specified in the questionnaire.Find the letter from the site, go through the link and activate the recording .Then enter your login and password and start to communicate on the resource.