purpose operating system Windows 10 is optimized for a variety of devices.It will work on your computer, tablet, smartphone.

Key features of Windows 10

1. The emergence of multiple desktops.For example, if you run multiple applications, they will be added at the bottom in the form of several working windows (tables).How useful this feature?You can simultaneously perform different work on different desktops without touching the location of windows and dragging them, and switch between them easily.

2. The new operating system Windows 10 all the necessary drivers for your PC or laptop installs itself (if the Internet).The only downside - the drivers are installed immediately, but only after some time after system startup.

1. By default, the voice assistant Cortana.With it, you will find the informatio

n you need on the local device and the Internet.Additionally, you will be able to dial voice mail, create reminders, find files with documents, to enable and disable the multimedia content.

2. Instead, Internet Explorer on Windows 10 has a browser - Spartan.It has a very handy feature - you'll be able to keep any records right on the page and share them on social networks.The browser will be integrated Cortana.Spartan forms of the pages you visit a special library, which can be viewed without an internet connection.

3. Interface "Start" button when you similar to Windows 7 is now "start" opens on the screen.If you are located here any tile application, immediately cmozhete run them.All are in the interface button "start".

4. When starting on a normal desktop computer or laptop, you will not start a tiled screen and the desktop immediately.If tablets and smartphones are not connected to the keyboard, then loaded tiled interface.

5. Have the touch screen keyboard, which is very convenient if you have a handy wireless mouse only.

6. Search has become more functional.That is, you can simultaneously search for programs needed applications like the Internet and the computer.Furthermore, there were two control panels, one of which is for touch screens.

upgrade to Windows 10 for free and make sure in the convenience of the new operating system.At the same time your current Windows 7 or 8 must be licensed.