to choose between two systems of windows, you need to know all the pros and cons of each of them.Most popular is difficult to identify a Windows 7 or Windows XP, each of them deserve special attention due to their properties and characteristics.

Windows XP

Windows XP first appeared on the market in the spring of 2001.Despite the current popularity, windows xp not immediately gained admirers.In the first version of this system we have found a large number of bugs that have been fixed in future updates.Today, everyone knows the well-functioning Windows XP SP3, which is rare, but consistently produces some errors.

most cases problems occur in Windows XP due to viruses or the use of games, and a complex of "heavy" load. By "heavy" means too much load on the iron, because of which the fly system. Most of the mistakes the team founders
Windows to solve with updates.Windows XP - a good, stable operating system that probably will not fail at the right time.

Windows 7

Windows 7 became available to users in 2009.At first, this OS was seen with hostility, most people reject it because of the huge number of errors.After a short time of about six months, the errors have been eliminated, and Windows 7 started to gain popularity points.

underwent major changes.More bright and beautiful interface became, almost all functions processed at the software level, so this version of windows can be called fast.The main tree in visual terms, which is displayed to users who are not changed. The word "tree" is meant: a folder, the main operating menu, a set of hot keys.

According to the survey of users, Windows 7 is the lead compared with Windows XP.Quite a large number of people are using Windows remained true Windows XP, so they do not want to change anything.All the same, who purchased the laptop after 2011 will have to put up with Windows 7, so how to put Windows XP, you will not be able.

new bios version not support Windows XP and Windows Vista.This innovation was done on purpose, after upgrade from Windows XP are no longer produced and work on this operating system command Microsoft, stopped. Despite all the improvements of Windows 7, errors sometimes occur. most productive and easy to operate is Windows 7, if you want a stable operation, then pay attention to this operating system.