Prepare to upgrade the system

Connect your computer to the Internet, so that during installation you can download updates.Close the anti-virus program and all user applications that are currently open.Insert a bootable Windows 7 in the drive and wait for the start of the installer.In the main menu, select "Upgrade to Windows 7".In this case, all user settings will remain in its present form.Note that this requires that the computer has been installed licensed version of XP, otherwise you will be prompted to format the hard drive and install a "clean" system.

find the 25-character product key Windows.Usually, it is listed on the cover of the installation CD or in an email, if Windows 7 has been purchased and downloaded on the Internet.Check out the user agreement and giv
e permission to install.The computer will restart automatically.Note that you can perform the above steps in a different way.To do this in the BIOS as a priority boot CD-ROM drive and put the installation CD into the drive.When you boot your computer will automatically install the system from the disk, where you will be prompted to select the required parameters and proceed directly to the installation process.

installation process

Complete the installation of the system.On the "Get important updates" is recommended to download the latest updates to ensure its successful installation and protect your computer from various threats.For updates during the installation of Windows 7, the computer must be connected to the Internet.On the "Select installation type" select "Custom."Select a section in which the Windows XP (most often C :) drive and click "Next."Select your region corresponding to the date and time, after which the computer will restart.At the boot screen of Windows 7, specify the name of the computer and set up user accounts.

Go system activation procedure by entering a license key with one of the available methods.Go to system activation is carried out through the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.Also, update the drivers for the system devices via the service "Device Manager" in "Control Panel" system.