Start file manager of your operating system.In Windows Explorer is that you can open by double-clicking on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop or via "hot keys» WIN + E. In the folder tree in the left pane, navigate to the directory where the files to be collected in one file.
Highlight each pack files.For this example, click on any one of them left mouse button, and with all the others do the same, but hold down the CTRL.If the desired files are placed in the list of one group, you can select the first one, and then select the other by pressing the right arrow key while holding down SHIFT.
click the selected group of files, right-click and
select from the popup menu in the package archive.How exactly will be formulated this team depends on the established system of the archiver, but the point should be one What are the - "to add to the archive."
Specify the file name in common file in the window of the program.There are no special options for archiving files needs to be installed, so you can immediately then press «OK», to start the procedure.But if necessary, you can close the file generated password, break it up into volumes, add text comments, etc.
can perform the same procedure in another way - to create a new archive file (or use one of packaging) and drag it to the left mouse button all the necessary files.
Each archive but packed in a file contains a certain amount of overhead, which adds a certain amount of extra bytes to the total weight.If the decrease in the total weight of a few percent - one of the important tasks of the backup process, it is better to first unpack each file, and then repackage in one shared file storage.