Mobile platform

Today, a large share of the market occupied by devices running on Android and iOS.Each system works on the principle of own and different implements control functionality devices.

Android OS is aimed at a broad user.The advantages of the operating system include many of its openness, offers developers a set of software and a wide range of devices, different characteristics and price category.Android has extensive functionality, open file system and allows the user to customize the features and interface of the phone.Android will become the best option for users who appreciate functionality and often use your phone or tablet, not only for making calls and checking email, but also for editing docu
ments, watching movies and even writing code.

IOS is a software product from Apple, which is characterized by its stability and smooth operation.This operating system runs more stable than Android, but differs closing and fewer configuration options.Another disadvantage of the system may be a limited number of devices and the price range on the market of devices.However, iOS is more suitable for the general public users because of its simplicity of design, high performance and stability, which are implemented with sufficient functionality for most users.


Windows operating systems also will be better for a large number of users because the system is the best-selling, known and popular in the software market.Therefore, most popular and most necessary programs developed under Windows, as well as most of the games.Windows 8.1 shows the impressive results of performance tests, thanks in part to the development of new concepts of working with operating systems, including implementation of the interface Metro.

alternative that is increasingly gaining popularity and takes away some users from Microsoft Windows, a Mac OS.The system has a different operating principle, which is based on the stability of operation and security of user data.Windows is the most vulnerable to the virus attacks the system;for Mac OS number of malicious programs is much less.This OS delivers high performance and user-friendliness.But, as in the case of iOS, Mac OS officially installed only on laptops and desktops from Apple, which may seem expensive for a large number of buyers.

The Linux operating system is the most secure and protected from viruses, but because it is often installed on servers that require increased stability and maximum safety.This Linux less demanding of computer resources, which also makes it possible to maximize the performance of equipment for running on the system.Linux is widely used by software developers because of the openness of the system files, the speed of work and a large selection of software compilers to write their own applications.