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  • of Windows.
Use to launch "Task Manager" a combination of "hot keys» Ctrl + Alt + Delete.In versions of Windows XP and earlier application window appears on the screen immediately after you press this combination, and in recent releases, there is another intermediate menu, where you have to select the line "Start Task Manager."Without intermediate menu, you can manage, if you use the combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
Another easy way - use the context menu item "Taskbar» Windows.Open it by right-clicking on the free space on this panel, and select "Start Task Manager" or simply "Task Manager" (depending on the version of the OS).
Another way is to use dialogue to run programs.Open the main menu of the operating system by clicking "Start" and select it the command "Run."The latest versions of the operating system with the default settings does not appear in the menu, but can still be changed by pressing the key combination Win + R. The only field induced in this way form, type taskmgr and click on OK.
In recent versions of Windows, instead of dialogue, launch programs, you can use the built-in search engine.Press the button on the keyboard Win and in the search query of the main menu, enter the same name as the executable file without extension - taskmgr.In the table of search results will be only one line, so to start the "Task Manager", just press Enter.
this search engine can also be used in another way - press Win and type in "percent".The second line in the list of results will link to "View running processes in the Task Manager" - select it, and Manager window opens on the "Processes".
If the "Task Manager" for some reason has to be opened from the command line interface, use the above-mentioned file name taskmgr.No extension or the full path to call the utility gain is required.