Windows Experience Index measures the capabilities of a personal computer user in his kit, as well as software, as a result, the user can see a definite factor PC performance (overall assessment).Of course, if the system provides a higher overall assessment, it means that the PC works quite well and quickly.If the total score is less, it means that the computer is hardly able to perform complex and demanding task.

In order to find out which index performance from your computer, you need to right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties."In the window that appears, you can click on the "Index Windows» and see the scores for each component of the system.

How is the performance index?

It is worth remembering that the total grade is at the lowest estimate.This means that if, for example, all the components of the score is 5
, and one of them 4.3, the total score will be exactly equal to 4.3.The result is that the total score is not an average.The individual estimates can provide insight about performance of the most important components, and hence, it can let the user know which computer components require updating.In addition, it is based on this assessment, inexperienced users can afford to buy a new computer or software for it.For example, if the computer's overall assessment is 5, then the person can acquire such software that will be designed specifically for this computer.The software can have its own assessment.If it has a rating of 4, 5 and your computer, then you will be able to hassle-free to use this program on your PC.

is believed that the performance index is really a good computer must be at least 5. On such computers, the user can not only work with text editors, office applications, but also play modern games and work with graphic editors, demanding on system resources.For all other tasks ideal computer that has an index of 3.0 to 4.0.

The result is that the index of performance - a very useful option that allows the user to find out which components need to be timely updated, and also allows you to determine what software will run on your computer without freezes and a variety of problems.