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Originally designed as a Windows graphical add-on to the operating system MS-DOS.The first personal computers from IBM operating system MS-DOS, developed by Microsoft.This system has been quite effective tool for controlling the computer, but difficult to master, requiring certain knowledge and, therefore, needs to be simplified. When IBM commissioned from Microsoft software for the first personal computer, Gates went to the trick - bought a ready-made system QDOS for 50,000 dollars, renamed it MS-DOS, and sold it to IBM.

It is well understood in Microsoft, which is put before a global problem - anyone who wants to ensure user friendly PC.Therefore, in the period from 1981 to 1983.the company is actively working on the creation of the
first version of the innovation at the time of the operating system, code-named Interface Manager.

Windows 1.0

Officially, the emergence of a new platform that the final version was called windows (windows), it was announced in 1983.Many skeptics did not appreciate the convenience and far-reaching prospects of the new OSes, and called it "exaggerated software product."As is known, the further history of the product showed that the criticism was entirely in vain.These statements did not seriously affect the plans of Microsoft, which is already two years after the official Windows Presentation public has launched a new software product called Windows 1.0.

new operating system to prevent users from mandatory attribute MS-DOS - command input through which control is exercised.Windows 1.0 was controlled simply by moving the mouse and clicks to the right of the screen.In addition, the Operating System from Microsoft contained a lot of innovation at that time functions.Scroll bars, pop-up menus, icons, dialog boxes, you can switch between programs without having to restart each of them, all these convenient features for the average user has been equipped with a new platform.The structure of Windows 1.0 also included several additional programs that help the user in daily activities.The emergence of a friendly graphical control interface was a real breakthrough in the development of software for personal computers. Windows 98 is the latest version of the system based on MS-DOS.

Windows 1.0 is a graphical add-in to the operating system, MS-DOS, but that it has become a platform on which subsequently developed a standalone system, which received the exact same name.