Tip 1: How to rename the mdf

disk image for storage and transfer of information.It is an exact copy of the optical disc and may have expansion and iso mdf format.It should be noted that the disk image contains less information than just the disc itself, which also have service data of different types.Such technologies are, if they want to write the installation files to a game or an operating system on a laser disk for later installation on a hard disk.
files mdf and iso are the most popular in this area.However, according to many experts, iso mdf much better for many reasons, the main of which is the ease of creating the iso image and recording it on the optical disc.
If you want to rename the mdf file to iso, the use of this program designed for working with images, such as Nero and Alcohol.Instructions for working with these files can be found on any technical forum, which deals with various online challenges.In compressed form it looks like this: select mdf files, scroll to the menu or button "Convert to iso┬╗ a
nd click it.Time to rename depend on the size of the file type mdf.Basically, it takes less than half an hour.The resulting iso mdf or image can be used at their discretion, for recording on CD, as well as for installation with it to the hard drive of various software.
Such simplicity and practicality of renaming files with the extension mdf, allows Internet users to exchange information between a variety of data, such as games, movies, operating systems.If you yourself are not able to rename the mdf to iso, then ask for help from your friends or acquaintances who are more advanced in this area.They will help you as soon as possible to deal with all the nuances and complexities rename a file mdf file iso.
format of iso mdf and are currently the most popular in the Russian segment of the Internet.Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but in general, they do well with their task, which is to copy the entire data stored on the optical disc.If desired, the file or iso mdf can be mounted on a virtual drive or copied back to the optical disk depending on how you want to use the information found on this image.

Tip 2: Why was renamed Constantinople

Contemporary Istanbul - Turkey's largest city, famous for its cultural attractions.The city is situated on both sides of the Bosporus on two continents.Over the centuries Istanbul, formerly Constantinople called more than once became the center of world events.
Contemporary Istanbul - the former Constantinople

heyday Constantinople

first settlements discovered by archeologists in Istanbul, belong to Neolithic times.It took a few thousand years, and is already in the VII century BC by colonists came here, which attracted the geographical position of the area, convenient in terms of trade.Thus arose the city of Byzantium, which for centuries was considered one of the richest and most prosperous cities in the world.At one time the city was under the influence of the Persian empire, and then repeatedly passed under the authority of the Greek city-states. military situation strengthened the Byzantine Empire after the treaty with Rome, a prisoner in the middle of the second century BC.Soon the city became part of the land belonging to the Roman Empire.

energetic and active emperor Constantine, called the Great, decided to move the capital of the empire to the east.The choice fell on Byzantium.In the city large-scale construction.In May 330 Constantine proclaimed the city "Second Rome".In an effort to perpetuate his name, Constantine gave the city a new grand name - Constantinople.The city has received the powerful fortifications, the state religion in Constantinople was declared Christianity.

In a very short period of time new city grew and expanded several times.Skilled craftsmen assembled from all over the Roman Empire, built roads, erected churches and town squares.City with half the population has gradually turned into one of the most influential cultural and political centers of the world at that time.

Pearl Turkey

After the death of Constantine the Roman Empire fragmented into two warring parts.Constantinople became the capital of the eastern part - the Byzantine Empire.The western region of the Roman state could not withstand the competition with its eastern neighbor and gradually fell into disrepair."New Rome", meanwhile, continued to strengthen and prosper in the political and trade relations. brightest period of the Byzantine state falls in the middle of VI century.

In the following centuries in the political life of the "Eastern Roman" "set of events occurred.As a result of the Ottoman conquest at the end of the XIV century the city finally received the name of Istanbul and became the de facto center of Islam and the Ottoman Empire.The city was gradually built up with new mosques and palace complexes.The name "Istanbul" or "Istanbul" is a somewhat distorted phrase meaning "full of Islam" that was to emphasize the importance of capital to the Islamic religion.

Following the announcement in 1923 by the Turkish Republic of the nation's capital was moved from Istanbul to Ankara.But this did not prevent Istanbul, the former Constantinople and Byzantium, is actively expanding, becoming a modern metropolis, the world's commercial and industrial center.


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