you need
  • - internet connection.
Open your browser and paste it into the address bar the following link: this page there is a whole list of mobile devices Nokia, sorted by operating system.Since Nokia is the beginning of 2011 stopped the production of mobile devices running Symbian, even information on the latest models with this operating system can be viewed on these sites.
Go to the control panel mobile device to view information about the system in the event that your phone is not listed.Find the menu system information.Also, it may be contained in business applications or settings.It all depends on your phone model and operating system version.
Check the documentation, which usually
comes in the sale of mobile devices.In the software usually contains the necessary information about the operating system installed on your smartphone.Also, it is useful to visit the official site of the Product Support Nokia, found in the list is your phone model.Look at the specification, which describes in detail all the parameters of the device, including information on the version of the operating system.
Use the installation of additional tools for viewing system data of the mobile device.Open the site that contains a variety of tools to optimize smartphone, select any java-java-application, check it for viruses and copy on a flash card or phone memory using a USB-cable or Bluetooth-connection.
Perform installation and check version of the operating system to the application.Please note that such programs do not have to ask for permission when installing the Call button.