Mode Windows XP

Together with the release of Win 7 was announced as a special mode Win XP to the new operating system, called XP Mode (XPM).XPM includes virtual environment Virtual PC and a full copy of Win XP SP3.This mode can get all the users free of "Seven" by updating the system.XP Mode was designed for small and medium businesses.Or rather, it was easier to adapt to the transition to the "seven".

Emulator Windows XP - a program to run the operating system and work with it in another OS.For example, you can install this emulator for Windows 7 (as well as Linux, Mac OS, etc.).In this case, this mode allows you to run programs that were designed for Windows XP on a computer where "seven".

Before installing the emulator, you need to make sure that your computer meets the requirements.To do this, you must c
heck whether your computer's CPU hardware virtualization.To test the need to run a special tool that can be downloaded from Microsoft.

If the program issued the message "Your computer supports hardware virtualization," which means that you can install and run mode of Windows Virtual PC and Win XP.If the message was received, "Hardware virtualization is disabled", the computer supports this feature, but it should be included in the BIOS.The message that the computer hardware virtualization is not supported, meaning that install XP Mode on your computer will not turn.

emulator How does Windows XP?

In order to use the mode of Win XP, you need to install Windows Virtual PC - a program that can run on a computer virtual operating systems.Emulator Windows XP can operate as a virtual operating system and as a means to open the older programs in Windows 7.

This mode runs on the desktop "Seven" in a separate window, as well as other programs, with only one difference - a full-featured version of WindowsXP.Through this emulator can be used like a normal operating system - access to physical media (hard disk, DVD-drive) to install programs, create, edit, save documents, etc.

After installing any software Win XP mode it will be displayed in the program list Win XP, and in the "Seven".Thus, the user can open any program in Windows 7.