What is a computer registry

Operating System - an intermediary between computer hardware, software and end-user.Windows manages all activities that occur during operation of the computer, so the operating system should be available all the necessary information related to the operation of devices and programs.To do this, Windows has a special hierarchical database containing all the information about the parameters and settings of hardware and software.

database - this is the Windows registry, or the system registry, operating continuously.On first install and run driver - the system is changing, and along with it clogged registry.Accumulating errors, unnecessary file extensions, blank keys, obsolete programs and their fragments - all remnants of the former activity of viruses.The gra
dual filling of the registry of the computer has a negative impact on the speed and quality of the entire computer system.For this reason, the registry must be kept in order.

How to clean computer registry

There are many ways to clean computer registry.One of them - is the use of service programs, utilities that work with the registry.Using the tools - this is quite convenient and does not take much time.Generally, treatment technology such programs monotonous.

When you run the registry clean program.If any of the data string "jammed" with unnecessary information, it opens very slowly.On this basis, the utility and the direction of the system is in need of disposal or recycling.

second way - to clean up your registry manually.You can use the command regedit.To do this, click "Start" need to open a command prompt "Run."In this window, enter the command regedit.Further branches are located by searching for values ‚Äč‚Äčthat need to be corrected or deleted.The only disadvantage of this program - all the records retrieved from the specified parameters are displayed one by one, it takes a lot of time.

also possible to use more powerful tools for manual cleaning of the registry.Registry Crawler - have this utility has a handy search and after the cleaning program again gives all records with the specified parameters.