Tip 1: How to update OS

Usually, before each person, sooner or later there is a problem updating an existing version of Windows to update.This process is not as complicated as it seems at first sight and can be made even novice users.
Save all your data, documents and settings using the backup tools, third-party software, or built-in Windows Easy Transfer.
2 Place a disc with the distribution of a new version of Windows in the drive.
system will automatically offer to update the existing version of Windows, follow the installation wizard.
In some cases, it is impossible to upgrade the system, it is necessary to make a full installation of the operating system.To do this, boot from the disk containing the new version of Windows, make the installation, and then restore the data you saved in step 1.

Tip 2: How to upgrade Windows on your

Despite the emergence of new versionsanti-virus software, security threats when using the Internet does not become smaller.One way to improve s
ecurity is to periodically update the operating system Windows.
How to update Windows on a computer
Windows operating system is not sufficiently reliable in terms of safety, new vulnerabilities detected in it almost every week.Once the information about the vulnerability becomes the property of the hacker community, the number of virus-infected or compromised computers quickly begins to grow - as long as the employees of the company Microsoft has released an update, closing the gap detected.That is why it is important to configure the operating system to update automatically - in this case, the vulnerabilities will be fastest.
To enable automatic updates in the Windows XP, open the OS: "Start - Control Panel - Automatic Update."In the window that opens, select "Automatic".
If you are using Windows 7, click the "Start - Control Panel - Update Windows».Click the left "Settings" and set the desired options.
Remember that automatic updates are guaranteed to work without a problem only in the licensed version of Windows.In that case, if you are using a pirated version, try the system can lead to the fact that the update will be locked, and on the desktop a message appears stating that you have an unlicensed version of the operating system.
If you have to use a pirated version of Windows 7, update the system manually.Look at the list prepared for the installation of updates - if it has update KB971033, cancel the installation of the file.That is, it checks the license key of the operating system.Install the rest of the update files, and replace as soon as possible, a licensed version of your OS, it will save you a lot of trouble and hassle.
Update Windows, you can download it separately by a service pack, you can find them on the Internet.Such packages can be set automatically or manually.Be careful, do not download the update packages from untrusted sites - often these packages contain Trojans.
If you have an older version of the operating system - for example, Windows XP SP2, update it by installing the operating system Windows XP SP3 over the old one.The process of the upgrade is very simple: turn on the computer, wait for the operating system to load.Insert the installation disc, choose the installation of Windows.In the window that appears, select "Update (recommended)."During installation, you will need to enter the installation key.When installed in upgrade mode will keep all your programs and system settings.
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Reinstalling Windows may result in the loss of your personal data and documents.


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