To start from a LiveCD, boot the operating system.It does not really matter which distribution you choose to drive, but if the computer you are using Ubuntu, it is desirable to boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD.
Launch Terminal ("Menu" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "Terminal") and mount the root partition.To do this, enter the following command:
mount / / mnt / partition
Similarly, mount any partition for backup.Then copy the newly created partition directory home:
cp -R / mnt / partition / home / / mnt / backup / backup_home
Then unmount the partition backup with the command unmount:
unmount / mnt/ backup /
Mount the section, which is designed to transport and clean it with cfdisk and mkfs (you can make the format):
mount / mnt / targert
Copy / home in the newly created partition by using the toolcp.For example:
cp / mnt / partition / home / / mnt / targert / home
Next, remove all the contents of the mount point / mnt / partition / home.To do this, simply use the function rm.For example:
rm / mnt / partition / home
then open the file / mnt / partition / etc / fstab and fix the mount point folder / home or used to add a new unit in the corresponding line.
Reboot and make sure that the directory is correctly mounted.If access to the / home directory to receive not, then Edit the file / etc / mtab and / etc / fstab.