you need
  • - skills to work with the console.
To add user in group Linux first follow its creation.All actions with regards to the setup of user groups and other operations to implement the actions related to the control of a computer, is performed using the console.
Enter her command useradd.Also, using this command, you can update and information about the current user.To add user to an existing group command text is as follows: # useradd -G Name username.
Instead username enter the name you created or previously existing user , to add to the group , instead of the Name enter the name of the group.The file is responsible for the operations groups, and lists of members of groups in the directory / etc / passwd, / etc / shadow and /
etc / group.
If you want to first create a group , use the command groupadd, which is incorporated into the console.In this case, the full text is as follows: # groupadd linux name.Instead, enter the name of the group name at its own discretion.
To remove the user from the group the operating system Linux, use the following command: # cat / etc / group | grep username.Instead username, of course, enter the user name , if you know it.
If you are an administrator on the computer, and are not familiar with the commands for account management, or simply are not a confident user of the software, use a special teaching literature.Also available are options to install multiple operating systems on one computer in the event that one of Linux you are experiencing some difficulties.You can also get the information you need on the special thematic forums on Linux.