you need
  • - computer;
  • - ROM with the licensed operating system;
  • - CD with drivers.
Prepare to install Windows.Make sure you have a licensed version of the operating system and have a product key, which must be entered during installation.The key is to be pasted on the box with the disc / disc, if you purchased a boxed version of the OS.If you are shopping online Microsoft, the key is the message from a company in your email inbox.Also check for disk driver.If such a disk was not, you may have to download the drivers from the Internet.To do this, go to the manufacturer's website PC / Laptop and the support section to find the necessary.Having assembled the computer or to order your own, you will need to visit the sites of the producers of all th
e components for correct operation of which requires drivers.
2 Insert the chosen version of Windows in the drive.If your computer / laptop is no disc drive, in advance, prepare a bootable USB flash drive.Record system image on USB-drive suitable volume.Use the program WinToFlash or the like.Insert the USB flash drive ready into USB-port PC / Laptop.
Restart the computer.Go into the BIOS and set the boot priority.Click to download the first carrier from which are going to install Windows.Save the changes and exit the BIOS.The computer will boot from the chosen media (sometimes it will require to confirm the action by pressing any key), the installation process begins.
Select the language in the displayed window.Click "Next".In the next window, click on the "Install" button.A window with a license agreement between you and by Microsoft.Check out the terms and check the box next to the text "I accept the license terms."Again click "Next".In the Select the type of installation, click on the item "Full installation".
Divide your hard disk partitions.Click on the inscription "Disk Configuration" and click the button "Create".Manually specify the partition size and click on "Apply".Create a profile for a system size of 50 GB.The second partition for storing your data remains on the disk takes place.
Highlight for installation and click "Next".Wait for the installation program will copy and extract files, install components and updates.During this time the computer restarts.Do not press until the window asking you to enter your data.Enter the user name and computer name.Further down the order: Enter and confirm the password, enter the serial number, select the security settings, select the time zone.
After rebooting, you will see the desktop of Windows 7. Install the drivers and set the BIOS to boot from the hard drive.Installation is complete.