Open your favorite search engine and read carefully the main menu.Usually on the first page or on the "more", "All Programs," "All services" or similar will be the menu item "Pictures" (more often), at least - "cards" or "wallpaper".Select the item and click the left mouse button.You will have a large array of preview wallpaper available for download in some way.
Some search engines like Yandex and Google, can not only view the images as small preview, but also to increase them, to show in a slide show in full screen mode, and to read a little background information toimage.If it found the word "wallpaper", "download", "Free", you can safely open the full size image and save it to your computer.
To do this in the window with the image, right-click on any section of th
e image in the context menu, select "Save Image As ...".If your computer asks you which folder to save the file, select the folder you want - desktop themes generally accepted stored in the Windows system folder or the Windows \ Web \ Wallpaper.You can also specify any other folder in its sole discretion.If the system does not issue such a request, then you have to remember which folder for downloads set in your browser by default.
When you save a file in the system folder wallpaper images, pictures will appear in the menu display properties on the "Desktop".If you saved the image to another folder, you have to find it via "Browse" on the same tab.Select the file, click "Open", then sequentially - the "Apply" and OK.The picture will appear on your desktop.You can also do a lot easier: get the desired picture in the folder through the "Explorer" or "My Computer", click on the right mouse button and then click "Set as Background Wallpaper."However, with this method you will not be able to center, stretch or tile the image of their desktop, so the picture may appear distorted.
little differently, you can find themes for your desktop by typing in the search phrase "image / wallpaper / greeting card / ... download for free."Plus this method only in the fact that the search engine will filter out only those sites where you can download it free full-size wallpaper without any copyright icons that do not require the signing of license agreements.However, to view the pictures, you have to open all of the sites individually and look at them wallpaper.All other steps are similar to the previous method.