you need
  • application Acronis True Image.
There is an excellent method for the rapid installation of the operating system on multiple computers with identical configuration.It is imperative that the PC data consisted of the same equipment.If certain devices, such as sound cards do not match, you will have to pay a little more time to individual computers.First install the operating system on any PC.
This procedure is performed in a conventional manner, regardless of the version of the operating system.Perform a full setup Windows.Update the drivers for specific devices.Perform the installation of programs and applications.
When you get a stable working copy of Windows, containing all the necessary additions and program, create a backup copy.To do this
, write the DOS-version of the program Acronis True Image on a hard drive.Run this application.
Right-click on the system partition of the hard drive and select "Create an image".Specify the path to save this file.It is best to use an external hard drive.This will facilitate further work with the files.
If you do not have an external HDD, create a new partition on the internal hard drive.Save the image to the system drive.Shut down your computer after performing these procedures.
Connect the hard drive containing the image files to the second computer.Run the Acronis True Image from the DVD-ROM.Go to "Restoring the system from the image."Select the newly created archive.To copy files takes 10-20 minutes.
Similarly install Windows on other computers.Update the appropriate device if the configuration of some computers are different.As a result, in a short time you get the right amount of the PC, which will present a working operating system is tuned.