you need
  • - additional support for temporarily storing data;
  • - administrative law.
Open the folder "My Computer".To do this, right-click on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop and select "Open" from the context menu.
Open the computer disk on which data will be saved to the media selected to change the file system type.Right-click on the drive icon.In the context menu, select "Open".
Create a temporary folder to save data.In the menu, select "File", "Create", "Folder".Enter the name of the new directory.Press Enter.
Highlight folders with important data on th
e media type of the file system that must be changed.Click "Back" to return to the folder "My Computer".Take steps similar to those described in the second step, to go to the root of the chosen medium.By movement of the cursor while holding down the left mouse button, or by committing clicks on directory names on the keyboard while holding down the key Ctrl, select the directory from which the information should be retained.
Copy selected folders to a temporary directory on another drive.Click on "Copy selected items", located in the "Tasks for files and folders."Dialog displays the "Copy items".The tree of folders and media in this dialog box, locate and select the item corresponding to the temporary directory created in the third step.Click "Copy."Wait until the copying of the information.
Open dialogue format.Click "Back" to return to the folder "My Computer".Right-click on the icon of the media type of the file system that must be changed.In the context menu, select "Format."
Set your preferred file system type.In the dialog "Format" drop-down list, expand the "File System", by clicking on it with your mouse.Select the appropriate file system desired.
Change the type of file system data carrier by formatting.Click on the button "Start".Click OK in the dialog box warning.Wait until the formatting process.
move the information stored in the temporary folder on a formatted drive.Perform action analogous to those described in the fifth step.Go to the temporary directory, select all its contents, click on the link "Move the selected objects" in the "Tasks for files and folders", as the target folder, select the root directory of a formatted medium.Click the "movement".Wait until the operation is complete.