Minimize or close all running programs, windows and folders.In order to quickly minimize all open windows, left-click once on the button "Show Desktop", which is located on the right side taskbar Windows.
Right-click once on the icon-free, gadgets, folders and files on the desktop.It will open a list of parameter settings of the form, display and personalizing the desktop.
In the list, left-click once on the line of the "Personalization".A dialog box appears with a customized picture and sound settings of your computer.
In the dialog box "Change picture and sound PC" line, click on "Desktop Background," which is located at the bottom of the window.This will open the area of ​​selection and confi
guration of the individual parameters of the background image of the desktop.This area displays thumbnails of background images used and basic settings selected by the user background.
Select wallpaper available in Windows 7, or add your own image.To select a background image, press the line "Browse ...", located at the top of the open window, enter the directory location of the user image file and then click OK.Thereafter, in the display area displays thumbnail images arranged in a user-selected folder or library.
Click once with the left mouse button on the design of the pleasant image and click "Save Changes."The background image of the main screen changes without having to reboot the system.