However, some users prefer to use a third-party firewall vendors, mostly Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro.Since use of two firewalls at the same time does not make sense, in this case, it is logical to turn off the firewall Windows.In addition, it is better to disable the firewall on those computers that do not have access to the Internet or even in any computer network, because in this case carry out its functions, he still can not, and the system resources on its work will be spent.

To disable Windows Firewall, perform the following


  1. Open the Control Panel.This can be done through the Start menu or the desktop icon if the Control Panel icon appears on the desktop.

  2. Select the "Firewall Windows» and open it.You will see the settings window of the firewall Windows.

  3. Left Click "Enable or disable the firewall Windows».You will see the settings window of the firewall.

  4. Set mark on the item "Turn off the firewall Windows»

Windows Firewall is turned off, filtering of Internet traffic and protection system with it are not implemented.In the absence of active network connections, it does not matter, and does not reduce the level of protection and security systems.However, before connecting to the local network, and especially - with the Internet, it is recommended sure to include built-in firewall Windows, or install software similar functionality by other manufacturers.Otherwise, an attack by hackers or malicious software may follow within a few seconds after you connect to the network.