you need
  • - a computer running Windows.
Start Windows Explorer Windows.This can be done by clicking on the icon, which is usually located in the category of "standard" under "Programs" "Start" menu.If this label is not, open the "Run" by selecting "Run" of the same menu.Type in the text field line explorer.exe press Enter.
In Windows Explorer, locate the folder that you want to close by sharing.Expand the hierarchy nodes that are displayed in the panel "Folders", starting with the "My Computer".Select the desired directory by clicking on it with your mouse.
Display Properties dialog found fol
ders.Click on the item selected in the third step, the right mouse button.The context menu appears.Menu and select "Properties".
Close the folder by sharing for local and network users.In the properties dialog, switch to the tab "Access."The group controls "Local sharing and security" activate the option "Do not share this folder."Deactivate the option "Share this folder" in the "Network sharing and security".Click on the "Apply" button.
Proceed to protect folders by encrypting the operating system.This will prevent access to its content of any user other than the logged with the current account.Switch to tab "General" properties dialog.Click on the button "Other ...".
enable encryption for the selected directory.Select the option "Encrypt contents to secure data" dialogue "Additional attributes".
to start the process of data encryption folder.Click the OK button in this dialog.Click OK in the Properties dialog.A window "Confirm Attribute Changes".Select it in the option "to this folder and all subfolders and files" and then click on the button OK.
Expect to complete the process of encrypting the contents of the folder.The progress bar of the task will be displayed in the dialog "Application Attributes ...".