you need
  • - Computer;
  • - program PowerPoint.
So, select a file and insert it in a presentation .Open the app, click "Start", then Mickrosoft Office, hereinafter Mickrosoft Office PowerPoint.
Under "Multimedia" tab, find the "Insert".Select the words "video" and the line "Video file".You will see the window "Insert a video", select from the collection of the required file using the "Browse" button.
Note app can not work with 64-bit players Quick Time, Flash.Built-in software allows you to send video presentation by e-mail, write to optical media, and do not worry about losing information.
Keep in mind, you can embed videos into files Mickrosoft PowerPoint 2010. Video must be in a collection of pictures.The program is a ready-made models, embedding the video in the appropriate field, this in
dicates the possibility of a special icon in the camera.
If the presentation will be played on the same computer that created embed video using links.Click the "slideshow", find the group "Multimedia" tab and the "Insert".Click on the line "Video" tab, locate the "Video file" and insert a link to the video you want.Press the option "Paste", select the line "Communication with the file."Collect files and video presentation itself in one folder.Keep everything together on one carrier.
paste the link to the video file from a Web site, such as YouTube.Click the "Slides" and then select a layout.Open the browser, select the file with the video on the website, copy the link.On YouTube, this line is called "embed code", get it from the right side of the web page.In PowerPoint, select "Insert" in the "Media," click the "Video" and click the "Insert a file from a Web site."Confirm the action button "Insert".