What is safe mode and what it is

Safe Mode in essence is a mode in which the user can diagnose some failure and fix all found problems that can be caused by incorrect operation of someprograms or hardware of the personal computer.It should be noted that there are several types of secure mode, for example, to support network drivers.This mode will be used only the initial setup of the operating system of Windows, there are no drivers installed, but the most important (for example, to run Windows, drivers mouse or keyboard, video card, as well as some system services).

basically safe mode to troubleshoot problems with software is part of the computer.For example, if the computer starts poorly or not work properly and respond to user requests after installing a particular software or settings.In this mode, the user c
an either find itself directly to the problem and correct it or remove the software, which in this case is the cause of failure.

Running OS in safe mode

to start the computer in Safe Mode is required to restart it and press the F8 key before the screen appears, load Windows.In some cases, it may appear Boot Device, which is required to select the hard drive where you installed your operating system directly, confirm your selection with the Enter button and then press F8.This will bring up a special window, allowing the user to select additional options for loading the operating system.Here the user can choose: Troubleshooting a computer, where it will appear a list of tools that can help avoid problems when running and using the system.

Safe Mode - the operating system will only be loaded with a set of the most essential services and drivers.Mainly used in case of failure to boot after installing a new device or driver.Safe Mode with Networking - loaded special mode that will support the main driver input-output, and network drivers.Safe Mode with Command Prompt - start the operating system with the basic drivers, and then run the command line.Last Known Good Configuration - to start the operating system to its last known good configuration.Normal loading Windows - the launch of the operating system with the usual parameters and settings.

To go into safe mode you want to select it directly (or safe mode, with some additional features (support network or command line)) using the Enter key on your computer.After starting the operating system will have a black desktop background, which is located at the corners of the words "Safe Mode."