If you want to change the password stored in password manager, you can do it in two ways.The first one is to remove unnecessary database password from the browser via the control panel password.To get into it, expand the menu of Opera, go to "Settings" and select "Clear Private Data".Click on the inscription "Detailed Settings," and in the ensuing additional section, click "Password Management".
find the required domain in the list (you can use the search box) and click on the found row.In line appears substring, which would not provide a password, but will be written in the corr
esponding login - select this line and press "Delete."
Click "Close" in the control panel password, and then click "Cancel" in the panel "Clear Private Data".After that, go to the login page and enter the new information (login and password) that Opera will ask you to save the password database after sending data to the server - Click "Save".
The second method allows you to do everything directly on the page with a login form - fill it with new data (login and password) and send it to the server.Then, leave the password protected area, using the link "Exit" and then go back to the page with the authorization form.
Press the key combination alt + enter, and the browser will display a list of the two saved them for this login form - an old scroll and click "Delete."This procedure is complete.
If you need to change the password, which is closed to use the browser Opera, open the menu and select "General Settings" under "Settings."You can simply press the key combination ctrl + f12.
Click the "Advanced" in the left pane, select the line "Security" and then click "Set Password."In the opened window, type in the upper field, the current password, and the other two - a new one.Then click the OK button in the window and set a password in the browser settings.