How to create an image of Windows 7 by standard means

If your computer is running Windows 7, to create an image of the system necessary to install additional programs.You can use the service "Backup and Data Recovery."

To do this you need to connect to a computer or flash drive external drive formatted in NTFS, and then go to "Control Panel" and choose "Backup and recovery."A dialog box appears to the left of which you want to select "Create a system image".

Now you have to answer the question of "where to save the file?".Use local hard not recommended.When viruses attack or illiterate user actions, to
restore your system from the often impossible.It is better to choose a pre-connected to the computer external drive.You can use the discs and DVD, but it is less convenient. Under no circumstances can not edit the resulting archive copy.Any change in the data will cause that system to recover from this archive file is not possible.

Now you need to select the drives to be backed up.If the outer disk has enough space, and you have a lot of free time, it is better to tick all local drives.Then you can be sure that all your data will be restored.Otherwise, choose to back up your system disk C.

In the next dialog box to confirm the settings you need to click on "Archive".This will start the process of archiving systems, and in the dialog box you will see a green traffic sign "Saves the archive."It shows at what stage is the process.

When creating an image of the system will come to an end, the next window will appear with a proposal to create a "system restore disk".If you have not done it before, it is necessary to accept and click "Yes."After all, if the operating system does not boot, then without this drive to restore the created image will be impossible.

When the backup is finished, in the "Create a system image" will be notified "Backup completed successfully."Click "Close" to exit the program.

How to create an operating system image using the program Acronis True Image

Compared with standard archiver application has extended capabilities.Run the program and in the main window, click on the option "New Archive".Now you need to choose which of the partitions will be saved.To create a copy of Windows, you need to click on the menu item "My Computer" and select the hard disk on which you installed the operating system.Usually this disk is C. to files with the latest state of the operating system were always on hand in the program settings is recommended to set a schedule for automatic backup.

In the next dialog will describe the various archives that can be created with Acronis.Just read the sentences and click "Next" button.Now you need to specify the location to save the future of the archive.Taking care of the creation of folders for archive files is better in advance.As in the previous method, the optimal solution would be recorded on an external archive media.

Next you need to choose one type of backup, as described in the previous window.The best option is to "Create a full backup" because it is completely autonomous and independent of the other copies.In the dialog box "Backup Options" check the first option "Use Default Settings" and click "Next".

Over time, you may accumulate different images of Windows.For example, you can create an archive with drivers OSes or without drivers, a "clean" image, or already installed the necessary software.Therefore, the next step is to make the description file, not to confuse it with the other.Click "Next" and Acronis will take up the task.