Set up accounts records for all households or co-workers using a computer is a snap.The operating systems Windows XP and Windows 2007, it is done as follows.Go to the main and most important means of access to the installed programs on Windows - "Start" menu.Button this "ubiquitous" menu located in the left bottom corner of the desktop.Entering the "Start" menu, with one click of the left mouse button to select the section titled "Control Panel."It is in this section to install and remove programs, set up the functionality of the computer network connections, and we are interested in, accounting records users.
In the window, double-click the mouse to select the same name "Accounting records users."
opens another window in which you need a line of "Creating your recording ยป.Having made it one click the left mouse button, enter the name of the new accounting records .
press the "Next" button and choose the type of accounting records .If the "administrator" of the computer you will then rest users must be assigned to a type of "limited entry".Thus, the responsibility for managing all accounts falls on you.You can delete or rename them as you wish and create new records .With the capabilities and limitations of each type of accounting records available in the same window.
The final step - a single click the left mouse button on the tab "Create Account" at the bottom.Done!