you need
  • - Computer;
  • - a genuine version of Microsoft Windows.
website Open Windows Update.To do this, go to the Internet Explorer (5 or higher) and go to "Tools" on Windows Update.In addition, you can simply enter the URL-address of the site to update Windows on a special portal Microsoft.To successfully complete this operation, use only the Internet Explorer, others will display an error message.
select "Apply as administrator" in the leftmost menu.Once these functions appear on the screen, under the item "Update OS" select catalog search Windows Update.Carefully read the catalog.
Install Active Control X, if required.Microsoft Update Catalog will offer you the necessary updates Service Pack (for operating systems Vista
or XP).Add these to the list of installed updates.This can be done by pressing the "Add" button next to each update that you want to install.
Check the status of downloaded updates.Click on the button "View Cart" to the right of the screen immediately after the update system.Make sure that there are all the necessary updates, and then click "Download."Open the "Boot Options" and select where are loaded all the files.The indicator will show the status of the download.
Open the folder in which you downloaded the files.Double-click to check the installation of the left mouse button on each file.You will be prompted to restart the computer after the operation.
Save the installation files on media such as CD-ROM or USB-drive and upload them to your computer.Do this when you are about to download an update for the system that is not connected to the Internet.Double-click the file-click install them, as well as when downloading from the Internet.