When working on a home computer to put password entry is not usually required.It is useful if you want to restrict access to a computer at the office or other similar areas.This password should be complex enough that it can not pick up.In addition, password recommended to change at least once a month.
To change your password , click the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts (Changing passwords and user accounts on this computer)".In the window that opens, double-click the account you want, and then click "Change Password".In the top line, enter the current password , below twice enter the new.The additional line you can enter a hint abo
ut it - just in case you forget it.Tip will be visible to everybody, so there should be understandable to all to give a hint of password .Save your changes by clicking the "Change your password ยป.
possible that the user forgets the password and can not log in.You can try to solve this problem by booting in safe mode.To do this, when you start your computer, press F8 key and select the window, select "Safe Mode."Booting into Safe Mode, open the control panel, select "User Accounts", select the account and change the password .
method described above is suitable in the case, if the administrator account password or do not know him.When you install the Windows operating system prompts you to enter a username, you can change your password precisely such records.Login administrator computer defaults - Administrator.
If the password entry screen when entering interferes, it can be disabled.Reopen the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts (Changing passwords and user accounts on this computer)".In the next window, click "Change the way users log on", put a check "Use a welcome page" and "Use Fast User Switching."Click "Application Settings".
Remember that setting a password to enter the system gives a fairly limited protection.Password prevents load a specific operating system, but your files can always view and copy by booting from the LiveCD in your absence.In addition, password can be changed using a utility ERD Commander.