you need
  • computer, multi-boot disk Windows.
Make sure that the disk with the system really is multiboot.To do this, you have to insert it into the drive.If a window opens with files and folders - Disk is not.If it appears on your desktop window to install the system - support multizagruzoochny.Once you see it, go to the installation.To do this, close the window that opens, and then restart the computer.However, before you do this, you copy to removable media, all the information for you.
Upon reboot, you need to constantly press the F9 key until the until the system prompts you to confirm the start of the disc.On confirmation, you will have no more than three seconds.During this time you need to press the «Enter».After clicking on the menu will be displayed in which
you must select the option to install the system.The computer will restart, and then, before you open a section where you will be able to choose the path of installation.
Remove all sections, following the instructions at the bottom of the window.After removing the right amount to create the new partition (in a way you divide your hard drive into several sectors).Under the system partition, leave the place at 30 gigabytes and assign it to install the OS.Next you will be asked several ways to format the system partition.Choosing Normal mode, start the installation.The system will automatically start the installation of the operating system immediately after the formatting sector.You still wait for the installation.At the end you will need to enter a user name and computer, and set other options that you can leave the default.
Upon completion of the installation of the operating system on the computer, you must install the drivers and codecs.