One of the most popular ways in which virtually every user change the appearance of the operating system, is the installation of a new desktop background or wallpaper.To do this, get on the computer's hard disk liked the image, click on the right mouse button and select "Set as Background image of your desktop."
also change the background in the following ways: right-click on the desktop
and select "Properties", then open the tab "Desktop".Choose your favorite image from the "Wallpaper".If you want to own, click "Browse" and select it.Click OK to confirm the changes.
Another popular embellishment are icons.They can be used as an image for the icon "My Computer", baskets, as well as virtually any folder.Downloaded from the Internet, one or more sets of favorite icons.Right-click on the desktop and select "Properties window» - & gt;«Desk» - & gt;"Customize your desktop."Select the desired item and click the "Change Icon."Choose one of the downloaded files icons.To change the folder icon, click the right mouse button and select "Properties» - & gt;"Setup» - & gt;"Change Icon."
also beautify the appearance of Windows XP is possible by changing the cursor, for example, the standard arrow or "hourglass" that appear while you wait.Download one or more sets of cursors from the Internet.Then copy them to a folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Cursors.Next, select "Start» - & gt;"Control Panel» - & gt;"Mouse".Click the "Pointers".Alternately, each of the standard cursor, press the button "Browse" and specify a new image from the downloaded.
the most significant changes in the appearance of Windows XP can be achieved by installing a new theme.Download one or more of the Internet.Right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties".Click the "Topics" and click "Browse".Select the downloaded file with the extension .theme, and then click OK to save the changes.