To reserve a Windows 10, if there is no icon, you must first install all the currently available upgrades in the "Update Windows».Go to this service can, by right-clicking on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties" and then click on the link Update Center.After the current version of the system will be updated immediately, restart the computer and wait for the installation and configuration of all updates.
wait some time to appear in the system tray icon "Book Windows 10".On each computer that happens in different ways, and some users have to wait longer than others.Microsoft employees say that the queue is moving slowly because the servers with the distribution of the new system operates a large load, so you should be patient.If the current version
of the system meets all the necessary requirements, notification of the available update is required to appear as soon as your turn comes.
Make sure your computer is running a licensed version of Windows 7 or 8, otherwise the right to update the icon appears, you can not reserve a Windows 10. It is also important that the hard drive was missing anyanother unlicensed software, as well as viral program, therefore please check the system using any antivirus.In addition, install the latest drivers for system devices, particularly those that are responsible for the connection to the internet.
use special page (a link can be found below) on the official website of Microsoft, to check the compatibility of your computer with the new system, as well as get help installing it.Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions from users and lists how to remedy problems related to the lack of an icon "Book Windows 10".