control program

Functioning of computers is impossible without coordinating programs.Modern computer combines a number of different devices, for coordinated work which needs a control center.For example, a graphics card processes the images, the CPU carries out calculations, the monitor displays the information, the drive reads data from a CD, etc.These coordinators and managers, has agreed to the functioning of all parts and components are operating systems.

To further illustrate the functions of the operating system hardware components can be compared with your body, managing the complex - with the brain and nervous system.The operating system is involved in all processes of the computer and provides interaction data sets at the level of computing, computer software and hardware, as well as user and
application software.

All modern interfaces and graphics solutions are designed so that the user intuitively understand the algorithm of interaction.There are three basic categories of solutions: real-time category, the category division and category of batch jobs.Systems of the first category of permit user participation in the process of computing.Solutions category division involves switching the CPU from one task to perform another.This rapid switching allows you to handle multiple tasks in a virtual mode of continuity.The user may also intervene in the process.The decisions of the latter category of user access to processes prohibited.The computer generates a list of their own jobs and sends them to the calculation packages.Make changes to the data can only be in between the shipment of such packages.

graphical interface

user enters his commands to the system by means of graphical symbols - icons.Actually, the entire interface and a set of graphic symbols, form comprehensible to the human perception of the control system.All modern operating systems are graphics solutions, and their popularity is directly dependent on how easy they are to manage.

Of course, there are operating systems text input similar to those that existed at the dawn of the instrumentation.But such systems are mainly used for specialized applications, and are generally in the industry and research.That is, in cases where the user is an expert and is ready for development tools.