Task Manager is a specialized tool that displays a variety of information on the state of the running system and allowing, though not completely control it.If your computer suddenly began to hang or slow down, in this program you can see which of the process load on the system and get rid of the culprit.Or, if there is suspicion of malicious programs in the Task Manager can check for strange running applications.Thus, the Task Manager is an important program for the primary inspection of your system.

How to run

In various versions of Windows could not really managers, but vary in functionality and appearance, so it is worth to consider its version of Windows 7, and with the other sort of analogy.To access the Task Manager, you can use different methods.You can use the status line, "Start" menu, click "Run", but the fastest and most versatile way - it hold a specia
l key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc (Ctrl + Alt + Del in the case of Windows XP).A dialog box will consist of five tabs are worth considering separately.

What is it

tab "Applications" shows running application right now and their characteristics.You can directly control all running programs and start new ones.But the most important feature - it's "End Task", it helps to close, for example, a frozen program, which prevents the normal functioning of the computer.

"Processes" tab already contains a list of programs not only open, but all the running processes in general.Its main purpose is the same as the previous, only here the application, as practice shows, are closing fast.

tab "Services" provides information on services available and their condition.Service can be as processes to start and stop.But working with this section better, knowing well which one is responsible for what.

«Speed" displays the CPU utilization, RAM and processor cores.This helps to clearly understand the distribution of resources of your computer.

«Network" shows the information about running network adapters and their condition.

tab "Users" inform all users connected to the system, and also allows you to manage and communicate.

Thus, the Task Manager is a useful utility for system management and diagnostics.But it is important to understand that the actions of this program may lead to unpleasant consequences, why change something you need only with full confidence in their actions.