In Windows 7, click "Start", select "Control Panel" and find among the categories (if you display settings by category) group "System and Security".Click the title of "Firewall Windows», to open the Settings page.If you have displayed small icons in the bar, right click on the icon labeled "Firewall Windows».
the left of the screen, scroll to "Advanced Options" and run it.Open the Preferences window.Perhaps startup screen appears with the requirement to enter the administrator password.Enter it if necessary.In the left column, click the item "Inbound Rules".A list of programs and their assigned rules.Click the "Create a rule" in the upper right corner of the window.Wizard will create rul
es for applications.
Select "to port" and click "Next".At the top of the next window, select the protocol for which port is opened: TCP or UDP.
The bottom half of the window, select one of the options: "All local ports" (if you want to open all ports) or "Specific local ports," and to the right specify a comma desired port number (usually this optionIt fits best).Please note that all open ports is not very recommended for security reasons.When you choose - press "Next".
On the next page, select the settings "Allow the connection".This will open a port for incoming signals.Click "Next".
window appears select the network profile to which the rule will be used.Select the desired options and click "Next".If you do not know what options to choose - check all three.
Specify a name for the rule.The name can be anything, and if desired, you can fill in a description for the rule.When finished, click "Finish".Close the Windows Firewall control panel.Ports specified when setting up the rules will be opened immediately.