System requirements for the new operating system: the operating system or OS X 10.6 OS X 10.7;2 GB of memory RAM, a hard disk to 8 GB.For normal operation of certain features of the new OS X 10.8 also requires an Internet connection and the availability of Apple ID.

Siri - question-answer system designed for iOS 5. It can process natural human speech to answer questions and give advice.The application is able to adapt to each individual user preferences and analyze it in the long run.In OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion application Siri appeared dictated by the ability to convert text into characters on the screen.

The new operating system performed a closer integration of Internet service
iCloud.In contrast to the old OS is now added features save notes, documents, calendars and files.All entries are automatically synchronized with all user computers and gadgets manufacture Apple.

Sidebar Notification Center is now available in any application you are using.This panel informs about the latest developments on both the computer and remote services (e-mail, messages, etc. ISQ.)

application iChat, are intended for instant messaging, completely replaced by Messages.Now the user OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be able to send and receive messages free of charge to all owners of iOS-gazhdetov.Supported protocols Jabber, Yahoo, GTalk and AIM.Interface Messages copies the similar app for the iPad.

Notes A new system to create custom notes.They can insert photos and files, send them by email or iCloud.The interface is similar to the Notes application for the iPad and iPhone.

was built system "napominalok┬╗ Reminders, and a similar version for mobile devices.

new system of exchange of information through the Internet Share Sheets allows one-touch Share button to quickly send links, photos and documents in the mail or social networks.

Twitter is now integrated in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion as well as in iOS 5. When you click "Tweet" appears in the display window of Twitter.In addition, the new system embedded and Facebook.Including added a button for rapid deployment status in the social network.

Full list of 200 new features available on the official website of Apple.