Windows 7 and Windows vista

Windows 7 - one of the most popular operating systems.This is primarily due to the fact that it uses a minimum of system resources (along with Windows XP).Second, the graphic design of this shell is executed quite well, many times better than the previous versions.Windows vista, unfortunately, will not find such a wide popularity, but still, some users have tried in any way to improve the performance of the operating system, that is, to increase the rate of efficiency.This was the major drawback in Windows vista.

How to install Windows 7 and Windows vista on the same computer?

Surely every PC user wondered: "Can I install on a computer running Windows 7 and Windows vista and whether any conflicts?".The answer to this question only one - c
an be set only need to follow a certain order.The fact is that if your computer is a newer version of the Windows operating system, in this case, Windows 7, the installation of an older could result in loss of data or the entire system will be completely inoperable.This is due to the fact that earlier versions of Windows operating systems simply are not able to recognize some of the new files, and as a result they overwrite them and may occur in a system crash.

As a result, to the user's computer are running Windows 7 and Windows vista, you must first put the name of the second OS.Installation is nothing new in itself does not contain.It can be accomplished either within the established GUI or the BIOS.It is worth noting that the best way to erase all data from the hard disk, including the operating system version, and save the files you previously, for example, on any removable media.First you need to enter the BIOS.This is done when you start your computer, by pressing Del or F12, depending on the computer model.Next, you must go to the Boot and select the Boot Device Priority.A new window appears where you want to change the 1st Boot Devise HDD to the optical disc drive.Once the settings are saved and you can insert the installation disc.

The user must follow the instructions to install Windows vista and wait for the end of the process.After the first operating system is installed, you can install another, namely Windows 7. As a result, the computer will be two operating systems, among which you can quickly and easily switch.