you need
  • - a personal computer with access to a global network;
  • - the game disc.
Make sure you have free space on the hard disk of his personal computer, because if the space for games enough, it just will not install.To check the free capacity of the hard drive, click on the "My Computer" and right-click on the C drive, and then to D (provided that your hard disk is divided into two logical).
2 Insert the disc with the game installed in the drive.In the tab "My Computer" Left-click the drive icon (it automatically displays the name of t
he game and the number of disk drives if you complete the game provides multiple disks).After all these operations will appear to install the game .
Click on the option to "install the game" or "install the game."Introduced in the next window, be sure to read the text, and then click "Next".
In the resulting options box "application installation directory", select a computer disk on which the application will be installed games .By default the drive to a directory Program Files.This directory can be upheld if there is enough space on the logical drive C or the PC is only one logical drive.If space on the logical drive with insufficient and disposal is another logical drive (called D), then click on "change directory" and type in the desired direction.
Click "Next".Carefully read all the on-screen window by clicking on the "Next" button.If the game on multiple discs, then insert all of the disks.Choose the language installed games , then clicking "Next".After installation, the display shows a message stating that the game is successfully installed - click "OK".
To validate the installation of the game run it.You can do this in two ways: Click on the icon located on the desktop or follow the launch of the game through "Start" menu.