you need
  • - computer;
  • - Administrator rights.
Locate the folder to which open access.The most convenient way to make it through the "My Computer" or the "Network Neighborhood."Icons these labels can be found on the desktop or in the "Start" menu.Typically, these folders are standard, so the problems will not arise with the search.
click on the folder, right-click the drop-down menu and select "Access" or "Properties."Go to the "Security" tab, if you have chosen the latter option.Select the user a "network" in the list entitled "Groups and Users".Look at the list of permissions that will appear
to the user "NETWORK" on the bottom of the window.Click the "Change" button.
In the "Permissions for Groups Network", select the resolution, which establishes the right on record in folder - "Change".Put a check mark in the column "Allow".Also, check the box next to "Record".Click "OK" to close the window.
Check the result of action by copying the files over the network to a shared network folder.You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.If the operating system is still an error, carefully check all the network settings, and configuring Windows Firewall and network security configuration of your anti-virus.It is best to turn off the firewall, as it usually blocks all connections which are available on the computer via Ethernet.
In general we can say that right on record set in the operating system is not so difficult.Also note that the files are copied to a shared network folder can contain a variety of viruses that will transfer data to third-party services, so install antivirus software to get rid of this kind of threat.