you need
  • - tarball desired application
First, check whether the desired program in the .deb format online.Many popular applications have long fitted with an automatic installer.If the deb-package for your system does not exist, then you can download the source code necessary utilities.
Make sure you have all the necessary to build the program.To do this in Terminal ("Menu" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "Terminal"), type the following command: sudo apt-get install libtool autotools-dev dpkg-buildpackage fakerootEti library, you can also install from Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu.
Prepare the working directory in which you will perform all operations.Create a convenient location for you and unzip it in your download programs.
open a terminal and navigate to the appropriate directory.For example: cd / src / my_program / program_123Program_123 - the directory that contains all the application files.
performs initial assembly: ./ configure & amp; & amp;makeDalee necessary to make "debianizing."In the same directory, run the command: dh_make
Next, you will need to select the type of package.The most commonly used «single binary».To select it, just enter the letter «s».
Open created directory «debian» and edit «control».Enter a description for the program.Those were the words the user will see when you look at the contents of the package Synaptic.
Open the file debian / rules.Uncomment the line «dh_install», removing the "#" at the beginning.
In Terminal, type: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakerootI change directory to the next level and look at its contents: cd .. & amp; & amp;ls
Among other files, you will see the newly created deb-package.You can perform the installation by double-clicking the mouse on the file.