you need
  • operating system Windows Vista.
hard disk file system is designed so that the irregular transfer of file entries (bytes and bits) sector fails.This failure can be expressed in the inability to move or remove some directories that were in bad sectors, at the same time appears on the screen that says "Can not delete file ( folder )».
A detailed analysis of this situation, you can find out the reason why it is impossible to do anything with a folder.Often the reason is the presence of hidden or system files.In this case it is sufficient to cause the applet "Folder Options" (Settings folder).Open any window "Explorer", click the top menu "Tools" and select "Folder Options."Also, this window can
be invoked in another way, by right-clicking a blank area of ​​the open folder and selecting "Settings folder".
In the window that opens, navigate to the tab "View" and check the box opposite the item "Show hidden and system files."Then click "OK".Navigate to the folder that you can not remove, and view its contents.If it contains hidden files, they can be removed.Now try to delete the folder itself.
Most likely, the folder will not delete becausethe main reason for the lock file in Windows Vista is a directory of employment by a program.In this case it is sufficient to close all applications that might use it and try to remove it again.
If this does not work, try restarting your computer, in this case, all the programs automatically free the files and folders that they have used.
In some cases, all of the above tips have no practical completion.In that case, the developers have come up with an emergency boot disk Windows Vista Live CD.With it you can load the operating system directly from a flexible carrier and to carry out any action with a hard disk.