you need
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - image.
any way you open the image, which are going round corners in the editor Photoshop.If the program is already running, you can drag the image file in Photoshop window with the mouse.The same result you will achieve the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + O or command Open («Open") menu File («File").
Make the image layer editable.This action, as well as many other actions in Photoshop, can be done in different ways.Choose the method that is most convenient for you.Make a layer editable, you can, by clicking on the layer in the Layers palette, right-click and selecting Layer from Background («Layer from Background").
Can you duplicate the background layer command Dublicate Layer («Duplicate Layer") menu Layer («Layer").After that, tur
n off the visibility of the background layer by clicking the eye icon in the form on the left of the layer.
Select the tool palette Rounded Rectangle Tool («Rounded Rectangle").It is found in the middle of the panel.The panel, which can be seen under the main menu are settings of this tool.Enter the radius of the rounded corners in the Radius («Radius").The larger the value, the more you Round the corners of his pictures.
Create a layer with a rounded rectangle.To do this, place the pointer on any piece of open image, hold down the left mouse button and drag the created figure down and left.
If the shape of the corners you are not satisfied, cancel the last action by clicking the previous action in a palette of History («History") or by pressing hot key Ctrl + Z.Reduce or increase the radius of curvature and then draw a rectangle with rounded corners.
resize the rectangle command Free Transform («Free Transform") from the menu Edit («Edit").Please note here that from your image after rounding the corners will remain just what the figure is closed.
Select the layer palette layer mask with a figure that you just drew.Mask - a rectangle to the right of the icon of the layer.Use the mouse to drag the mask to the layer with the image, which you were going to round the corners.
Remove the layer which was formerly a rectangle with rounded corners.He is now uniformly filled with the foreground color, and the more you do not need.
picture with rounded corners ready.If you want to leave a transparent rounded corners, choose Save As («Save as") menu File («File") and save the resulting image format png.
If you need to enclose some monochrome background at the angles, click Create a new layer («Create a new layer"), which is under the Layers palette.Pour a layer of any color created using the tool Paint Bucket Tool («Fill") and move this layer under the layer with the image with the mouse.
Save Image command Save As («Save As") to a format jpg.